Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sarah Mawbey
Yesterday I was very moved when I found some photos of members of the Mawbey family, published soon after the murders, I have never seen before.
John Mawbey
They appeared in the Australian Town and Country Journal on Saturday 4 August 1900 - 16 days after the murders by Jimmy Governor and others.
Sarah Mawbey had her skull fractured to the extent that her brain was protruding.
The weapon used was either a tomahawk or a native club.
Her son Percy, 15, had his neck almost severed by a tomahawk.
The two girls, Grace and Hilda, had their skulls bashed in by clubs.
Elsie Clark was bashed but survived, permanently deaf.

Motherless Mawbey boys
Garnett, 4 (left) with Cecil James, 7 (right)
with possibly Sydney, 13 (centre)
[not 'John' as in original caption]

Elsie Clarke
[Sarah Mawbey's youngest sister]