The parents of Ellen Josephine (Helena) Kerz were Martin and Margaret [German: Margrethe] Kerz.
They were living at Girilambone out west beyond Dubbo and Nyngan on the road to Bourke when their youngest child was murdered in July 1900.
Their fifth son, Carl, who was 12 years older than Ellen, had married into another German family, the Gliescha family,in Australia.
This marriage took place in 1877, two years before Ellen was born in 1879.
Martin Kerz b. 1 April 1833, Germany?; d. 1 January 1909 at Nyngan, aged 75 (BDM #2709.
Margaret Kerz b.c.1835, Germany?; d. 17 September 1931 at Nyngan.
Martin and Margaret Kerz's children appear to be (still to be checked):
Carl, b.1851 Germany (fifth son); d.1914 aged 63.
Eliza, b. 1862 Forbes NSW Australia
(James) Alexander, b.1868, Dubbo; d.1963, Nyngan (BDM #28872)
Margaret C, b.1870, Dubbo
Esther, b.1871 Dubbo
Amelia b.1873 Dubbo
Martin Henry, b. 1875 Dubbo, d.1944 Nyngan (BDM #11638)
Ellen Josephine b.1879 Warren, d.1900 Breelong (death registered at Coonamble BDM #8647)
Several 'Kurz' (different spelling) families were among the pioneers of Dubbo, growing grapes and starting a wine industry there.
The Sydney Morning Herald, Sturday 26 May 1877
KERZ - GLIESCHA. April 13, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Mr G. W. Worner, of the German Evangelic Church, Carl Kerz, engineer, fifth son of Mr. Martin Kerz, of Mainz, on the Rhine, Germany, to Mathilda Louisa Gliescha, the only daughter of Mr. Carl Gliescha, of Sydney, late of Frankfort on the Oder, Germany. [Note: Neither of mothers of the newlyweds are mentioned, only the fathers. It appears the bride's mother's name was Minnie.]
Children of Carl (1851-1914) and Mathilda Kerz (nee Gliescha, anglicised Gleesha):
Martin Carl b.1878 Sydney;
Minnie M C A b.1880 Sydney;
Louise M b.1882 Dubbo;
Christina b.1884 Penrith;
Alfred Albert b.1886 Penrith;
Dora E b.1888 Penrith;
Charles August, b.1890 Penrith;
Heinrich J b.1897
Carl (Charles) Kerz and his wife Matilda Louise lived in Merrylands near Parramatta in their later years.
The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 18 December, 1901
GLEESHA. - In loving memory of my dear wife, Minnie, who departed this life 18th December, 1900. Inserted by her loving husband, Charles [anglicised 'Carl'] Gleesha.
GLEESHA. - In loving memory of my dear mother, who departed this life December 18th, 1900. At rest. Inserted by her loving son and daughter-in-law, Charles and Agnes Gleesha.
GLEESHA. - In loving remembrance of our late beloved mother, Minnie Gleesha who departed this life December 18th, 1900. Inserted by her sorrowing son and daughter-in-law, Alfred and Rebecca Gleesha.
GLEESHA. - In loving memory of our dear grandmother, Minnie Gleesha, who departed this life 18th December, 1900. Inserted by her loving grandchildren, Martin, Minnie and Alfred Kerz.
GLEESHA. - In loving remembrance of my dear grandmother Minnie Gleesha, who departed this life on December 18, 1900, aged 65 years. Inserted by her loving grandchild, Louie Kerz.
The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 2 June 1915.
KERZ-In loving memory of my dear husband and our dear father, Carl Kerz, who was called away suddenly on June 2, 1914, aged 63 years.
No one he loved was by his side,
To hear his last faint sigh
Or whisper just a loving word
Before he closed his eyes.
He bade no one his last good-bye,
He waved his hand to none:
His spirit flew before we knew
That from us he had gone.
The Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 28 November 1902
Family dispute Gleesha vs Gleesha.
Charles and Matilda Kerz accused their son, Alfred Albert Kerz, of having a large amount of money given to him in trust by his late grandfather, Carl Gleischa, and not disclosing it in relation to his will.
The case was dismissed.