I have recently found more information about the parents of Ethel Page, the wife of Jimmy Governor.
Ethel was the eldest daughter of Charles Page and Julia Moore, born 1882 in the Macleay River district near Kempsey.
Initially, I could not find any marriage record for the couple with NSW Births Deaths and Marriages.
But last week I found it on under the spelling 'Paye' instead of 'Page'.
This marriage record reveals that Charles Page and Julia Moore were married at Kinchela Creek in the district of the Macleay River on 30 April 1881.
Charles was 42, a bachelor and farmer who had been born at Wrangle, Lincolnshire to John Page, farmer, and Mary Masengall.
Julia, 23, spinster, had been born at Clifton, Gloucestershire (elsewhere says she came from Wales) to Jane Givney and George Moore (deceased), printer.
At the time of their marriage, both parties were living at Kinchela Creek.
They were married in the forms of the Wesleyan Church in the residence of George Dunsford at Kinchela Creek, not the local church.
The minister was William Thomas Rabone and witnesses George and Annie Dunsford.
Julia and her younger sister Annie Moore had arrived in Port Jackson, Sydney as unassisted immigrants on the Commonwealth on 22 June 1877.
She was 19 (b.1858) and Annie 18 (b.1859).
Both stated in the shipping records that they had no relatives in Australia.
[Source: NSW State Records 'Online' reel assisted immigrants passenger lists 1828-1896, p.159]
But according to the recollections of a daughter of Ethel and Frank Brown, Aunty Vic Carriage, they had a brother here, George Moore Jnr.
In an interview in a NSW National Parks & Wildlife publication, Coastal Custodians (Vol2 Is7 February 2005), Aunty Vic recollects that George had been working on the Australian goldfields and had sent money to England for Ann to come out first, and then Julia.
She says that their father, George Moore Snr, had been left a fortune but after he mysteriously disappeared in Dublin, the money went to his cousin, also named 'George'.
Mrs Moore (Jane Givney) remarried and moved to America, and the two girls were then adopted by their father's sister.
However, also travelling to Sydney on the 'Commonwealth' in 1877 was a George Moore, 36, a block-maker from Durham, Ireland with his wife Margaret and their four children.
The youngest, William, 1, died on board.
Could this George Moore have been the older brother of Julia and Annie Moore?
Maybe he had been working previously on the Australian goldfields and then returned home to Ireland to bring out his own wife and children and his sisters.
[Source: NSW State Records 'Online' assisted immigrants passenger lists 1828-1896, p.146]
According to the shipping records, Julia and her sister were from Gloucestershire.
They were both orphaned, their religion was Church of England, and they could read and write.
Their occupations were 'home duties'.
Julia married Charles Page, 19 years her senior, four years after her arrival in the colony.
Ethel was their first child, born the following year, 1882, and the birth registered at West Kempsey.
On the marriage record of their eldest daughter to Jimmy in 1898, their occupations were 'labourers'.
Annie Dun(s)ford was Julia's younger sister, so the marriage of Charles and Julia took place at her and her husband George's home.
George Henry (Harry) Dunford (not 'Dunsford' as in Charles and Julia Page's marriage record) and Annie Moore married at Sydney in 1878.
Their children were:
1879 Florence Martha b. Sydney
1881 George Frederick b. Macleay River
1883 Henry O b.West Kempsey
1884 Louis John b. Kempsey
1887 Horace R b. Kempsey
1889 Sydney J b. Kempsey
1891 Leslie E b. Kempsey
1900 Annie Constance b. Kempsey
Ethel Page, eldest child of  Charles and Julia Page (nee Moore) had seven siblings, four brothers and three sisters:
1884 Charles Louis M (Kempsey), m.Marion C McKinnon at Manly 1913, d Nowra 1929
1886 William George John (Kempsey), m.Elizabeth Cooley, Moruya 1906, d.Redfern 1943
1888 Thomas David Givney* (Kempsey), m.Mabel E Rielly/Riley, Milton 1913, d.Nowra 1969
1891 Constance Annie Judith (East Macquarie), m.Herbert E McBeth/Macbeath, Paddington 1912
1893 Florence Evelyn E (Mudgee), m.Augustus Harry Malifant/Malafant, Milton 1911
1897 Dorothy Ivy Thelma (Gulgong), m.Thomas J Garrett, Newtown, 1916
1899 Henry R C (Gulgong)
*** Givney was Julia's mother's surname.
After the birth of their last child, the Page family moved from Gulgong to Dubbo.
Ethel left her young son with them on her way to Breelong with Jimmy.
Wrangle, where Charles Page was born, is near the coast on the eastern seaboard of the East Midlands.
It had been the third biggest port on this coast until its river estuary silted over.
The name 'Wrangle' is thought to be Scandinavian.
Clifton, where Julia Page (nee Moore) was located on the outskirts of Bristol, on the edge of cliffs overhanging the Avon River.
It had views of the sea and surrounding countryside and was very picturesque.
English public records of Charles Page's family:
1851 Census
House no. 79, Nearghe? Road near Common Bank, Wrangle - District 6b
John, head, 43, agricultural labourer, b.c.1808, birthplace Leverton, Linconshire
Mary, wife, 49, b.c.1802, b. Algakirk, Lincolnshire
William, son, 14, agricultural labourer, b.c. 1837, b. Wrangle, Lincolnshire
Charles, son, 12, scholar, b.c.1839, b. Wrangle, Lincolnshire
Also in the house at the time of the census:
Mary Ann Keniloy, visitor, 6, b.c. 1845 Leake, Lincolnshire
Mercy Hall, aunt (widow), lodger, 67, b.c. 1784, Leverton, Licolnshire

1841 census
District 2
Helen Page, 8, b.c.2833 Licolnshire
Mary Page, 6, b.c.1835 ditto
William Page, 4, b.c. 1837 ditto
Charles Page, 2, b.c. 1839 ditto
According records, Julia Usher Page (nee Moore) remarried in 1922 to Charles Matthews at Manly.
In 1936, according to the Australian Electoral Roll, she was living at Werriwa near Helensburgh, south of Sydney.
She died at Marrickville in 1941.
Her father's name was George and her mother's, Jane, but she adopted the middle name of 'Usher'.
Maybe this was the maiden name of her father's mother or her mother's mother.
A Charles Page died at Waterloo, Sydney aged 66 in 1905, but it is not known if this was Ethel's father.
I am still trying to find out how and when he came to Australia, and how he and Julia Moore met.
In 1884, a Charles Page living at 'Clybucca' on the Macleay River was declared insolvent [on 24-11-1884].
His liabilities were 12 pounds 10 shillings and his assets 7 pounds 16 shillings and 6 pence.
[Source: The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Thursday 27-11-1884]
The district of Clybucca was named after a station located there since 1841 or earlier, before the Squatters' Act of 1846-47.
Clybucca is located north-west of Kinchela Creek, about the same distance as Gladstone is to the south.
All of these places are north of Kempsy.
In 1877, a Samuel and Jesse Page appear in a list of lapsed conditional purchases [of land] about to go to public auction.
They were connected with a Primitive Methodist Church in the Parish of Clybucca.
These two males appear to have been brothers and sons of Jesse Page Snr and Thurza (Thirza)Wilton who married in 1858 at Parramatta [Source: NSW Births Deaths Marriages Indexes]
Their eldest brother, and their parents' first born, was Charles Page, born 1859 at Parramatta.
But he died in 1870 aged 11 at Mudgee, so he was not Ethel's father.
However, the fact that the name 'Charles' was given to the eldest son suggests the name held family significance.