Wednesday, March 21, 2012


There were many Yarnolds in the Manning River area, around the towns of Taree and Wingham.
The father of the family mentioned in the newspaper articles below was William (Billy) Yarnold.
Four of his younger children are mentioned - Daniel, 17, Bella, Mary and an unnamed small boy - plus four older ones - Albert James, Charles and two other brothers.
Harbouring felons was an offence and carried a gaol sentence.
This would have been a valid reason for denying giving the Governor brothers any assistance, other than bits of bread.
Earlier, Jimmy Governor and his brother Joe had been harboured by an Aboriginal couple, Charlie Wade and his wife.
Jimmy later admitted to giving Mrs Wade one pound for her assistance.
Coincidentally, Billy Yarnold also had one pound in his possession after being visited by the Governor brothers, and allegedly giving them flour, which he denied.
Then after expressing fear about being in the presence of the Governors, a group of four of Yarnold's sons suddenly turn up on horseback, wanting guns and ammunition from the local townsfolk to go and hunt for the outlaws.
Earlier it had been claimed that the Yarnolds did not have any good horses when accused of giving some to the Governors.
It appears that while Jimmy and Joe both had rifles when they turned up at the Yarnold camp, and held up a neighbouring white settler, they did not have any ammunition.
Did the guns and ammunition given to the Yarnold's end up in the Governors' hands?