Sunday, May 29, 2016


I have had several paranormal experiences related to this blog, including a couple of angry visitations from Jimmy to my home. 

I have not 'seen' him but rather sensed his angry presence. My dog has sensed him too, reacting either by barking or putting his tail down and running away, when Jimmy was there.

This happened not long after I started the blog, so about 5 years ago now. I also had a visitation from a tribal elder who I actually saw, who was saying effectively why are you dredging all this up?  Why not just let sleeping dogs lie?

I was also waylaid by a huge black crow one day at Hornsby which aggressively blocked my path, forcing me to walk out onto the road to get past it. The Wiradjiri people, of which Jimmy was one, believe that spirits of their male ancestors inhabit crows.

On another occasion, unrelated to the blog, I was walking through bushland near the Lane Cove River and came across an overhanging rock shelf with a pool of water below it. I sensed the presence of spirits, Aboriginal, and spontaneously started doing an Aboriginal dance, knocking my knees together.  I sensed them shifting about, like they were curious about me and pleased I had greeted them in that way, in their language, so to speak. Nearby I noticed a tree with the bark removed from one side, like it had been used for a canoe a very long time ago. A couple of months later, I went back to that spot, but the Aboriginal spirits had gone.