Saturday, December 15, 2012


(continued from previous post 'Breelong homestead ruins')

Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal, Wednesday 25 July 1900
... Mrs. Governor, wife of Jimmy, a white woman, then gave evidence. 
She said her name was Ethel Governor, and that she was the wife of James Governor, a half blood aboriginal. 
They resided three miles from Breelong, up the creek. 
She was willing to give all the evidence she knew about the crime. 
Last Friday night she was in the camp with her husband, also Joe Governor, Jack Underwood, Jacky Porter, and a little black boy, Peter Governor, who is Jim Governor's sister's son
At the time she had quarrelled with her husband, because he thought that she and Joe Governor were 'sweet' on each other, Jimmy said he would leave her and the others could do the fencing if Mawbey liked to give it to them. Jimmy then said good-bye to Joe and Jacky Porter, and left the camp, accompanied by Jack Underwood. Jimmy said they were going to Mr. Mawbey's, and would see him. 
They wont towards Mawbey's. 

(to be continued)