Saturday, May 12, 2012


Charles Page, Ethel Governor's father, has remained a shadowy figure in all accounts of the Jimmy Governor story so far, with very little known about him.
His marriage registration reveals he was born in Lincolnshire, England, c.1839, the son of a farmer.
At the time of his marriage, in April 1881, he was 42 and working as a farmer at Kinchela Creek, north of Kempsey.
Kinchela Creek later became the site of an Aboriginal school and then an Aboriginal boys' home.
Charles' wife, Julia Moore, was 23, 19 years younger than him.
Her place of birth was Gloucester, England and the occupation of her deceased father, printer.
The couple were married in the Weslyan (Methodist) tradition at the home of the two witnesses, rather than at the local Weslyan church.
They then went on to have eight children, with Ethel the first  in 1882 and Henry the last in 1899 when Charles Page was 60.
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