Saturday, April 21, 2012


US-based GenealogyBank, said to be the largest newspaper archive for family history research, has some online newspaper reports about the Breelong murders.
Idaho Statesman, Idaho, 6 July 1900 - Chasing Criminals
Evening News, California, 25 August 1900 - Two Blacks Leave Wide Blood Trail Butchery of Women and Children Arouses Whole District ...
Morning Herald, Kentucky, 7 September 1900 - Eleven Persons Paid Their Lives as Penalty of Negro's Terrible Vengeance
Daily Herald, Mississippi, 4 November 1900 - Reign of Terror Within 100 Miles of Sydney. Two Desperadoes Engaged in Bloody Work
Idaho Statesman, Idaho, 30 November 1900 - Blacks Finished. Squatters in Australia after Outlaws. One Killed, the other Wounded
Helena Independent, Montana, 30 November 1900 - Outlaws Captured. Notorious Australian Criminals Surrounded and Shot by Squatters