Thursday, June 30, 2011


This poster of a ghostly Aboriginal figure is on the back of the door leading outside into the area where Jimmy Governor was hanged in January 1901. 
It depicts the Aboriginal painting technique of 'x-ray art' showing bones and joints, and the figure's head is painted white which is a sign of mourning.
When I saw it I was shocked, like there was something paranormal about it being there.
Had it been put there by someone who knew about Jimmy Governor as a tribute to him, or was it simply 'coincidence'?
For the last couple of months I have been haunted by the ghost of Jimmy Governor at home.
The first time he came he was angry about me putting pictures of the tombstones of all those he murdered on my blog for the world to see.
He also expressed remorse for what he had done to my ancestors, the four he had murdered at Breelong.
I smoked my house with eucalyptus leaves to try and remove his spirit, and this seemed to work for a while.
Then on the night after I took the photo of this Aboriginal figure, he came back.
He was angry like before.
There is definitely something 'karmic' happening between me and him.
Hopefully it is to do with healing.