Thursday, April 1, 2010


In July 1900, an Aboriginal man, Jimmy Governor, embarked on a killing spree of women and children and old men that left the Australian populace shocked and terrified.
The killings were a form of 'pay back' aimed at his former employers whom he believed had mistreated him and ripped him off.
Around half a dozen books have been written about the 'true' story of Jimmy Governor, but the truth is in fact as elusive as the man himself . Jimmy led his hunters on a merry chase for three months after the first murders were committed, taunting them and treating them with scorn.
Three of the four people he initially murdered were my ancestors - my great grandmother Sarah Mawbey and three of her children, Grace, Hilda and Percy.
This early 21st century re-examination of what actually happened 110 years ago is dedicated to them.
May they rest in peace.
And may their killers, Jimmy Governor and Jacky Underwood, rest in peace too.
The story is not black and white.

Pamela Mawbey